Whatever the reason for losing your teeth, they should be replaced for both aesthetics and function.

Tooth loss is sometimes inevitable. Whatever the reason for losing your teeth, they should be replaced for both aesthetics and function. Generally, dentures or bridges are the most common replacements.

However, Dental Implants are a new and popular treatment to replace missing teeth.

Implant fixtures are made from titanium – the same sort of material used for hip/joint replacements. The fixture is placed in the bone, imitates the roots of your natural tooth, and eventually is accepted by the body. This fixture is then used to anchor a crown or bridge where the teeth are missing.

Implant based dentures can also be used to secure dentures in the mouth – reducing rickety dentures!

If you are considering Dental Implants you should start off with a free consultation with Dr Mulgund. He will then take x-rays and any measurements to ensure that your mouth is suitable for a Dental Implant.

Once the preliminary checks have been carried out you will need to have a minor procedure under local anesthetic to place the fixture.

Once healed and the fixture has integrated the restorative crown/bridge/denture can be constructed and fitted.

Treatment Fees Start from £1500 (for a limited time only)

Our promise to you

At Densmile Dental Care we guarantee all of our patients that they will experience no pain during their procedures. As well as administering numbing gel before any injections, Dr Mulgund asks all patients to raise their hand if they are experiencing any discomfort at any point. He will then stop what he is doing and won’t start again until you are completely happy. Where necessary, he will provide additional local anaesthetic. However, if you are still experiencing discomfort after all endeavours, the treatment can be suspended and re-arranged if needs be.

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