How would you like to achieve brighter, whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home?

Not so long ago, it was only the rich and famous who could boast bright, white teeth. However, thanks to recent advancements in dental technology, today there are a number of services available to help you achieve the pearly whites you’ve always dreamed of.

At Densmile Dental Care we believe that everyone should have access to their perfect smile. It is for that reason we are proud to offer a whitening treatment that allows you to achieve brighter, whiter teeth, all in the comfort of your own home.

Many people choose to whiten their teeth to improve their confidence, or the way they feel about their smile. However, we’ve also had patients claim to have been told they look younger after treatment and as a result, they often feel younger too.

To begin the process of whitening your teeth you will be invited to come and see Dr Mulgund for a check-up; this is just to ensure that you are suitable for treatment. You will have impressions of your teeth taken which will be sent away to our lab to be made into your bespoke whitening trays (these look a bit like transparent plastic braces).

Once your trays have been made you will asked to come back into practice so that Dr Mulgund can show you how to use them. He will demonstrate how much gel you are required to use each time you use your trays, and how long you are recommended to wear them to achieve your desired shade.

When you collect your whitening tray you will be provided with enough whitening gel to last you two weeks. However, should you wish to continue your treatment, extra gel syringes are available for purchase.

Teeth whitening treatment from £200

Please note: Whitening treatments involve the use of chemicals to bleach the teeth. You are therefore only ever advised to receive whitening treatment from a fully qualified dentist.

Our promise to you

At Densmile Dental Care we guarantee all of our patients that they will experience no pain during their procedures. As well as administering numbing gel before any injections, Dr Mulgund asks all patients to raise their hand if they are experiencing any discomfort at any point. He will then stop what he is doing and won’t start again until you are completely happy. Where necessary, he will provide additional local anaesthetic. However, if you are still experiencing discomfort after all endeavours, the treatment can be suspended and re-arranged if needs be.

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